Getting to Know Luci-Kali: Randomness and Obsessions, Part 1

I will throw in some autobiographic posts once in a blue, however, not in the traditional “I was born and raised…majored in…work in…aspire to be..but actually am” sense. Just tidbits of information here and there, whatever random crap my mind decides to throw out at random moments.

“Random Crap at Random Moments” #1:
(image via Chockylit)

I have a known obsession for cupcakes. I’ve mapped out surrounding bakeries in search for luscious, orgasmic cupcakes. I have gone to Harlem, Upper East Side, Chelsea, East Village, Lower East Side, Tribeca, the Financial District, Williamsburg, even freakin’ Starbucks to sample cupcakes. (Hey! Starbucks had a pretty decent vanilla cupcake, the only pastry worth trying there).

Here is just a handful of the bakeries that I’ve been to, along with a quick review of the cupcakes I sampled:

1. Magnolia Bakery: Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream (the cake was too dense and too bland for my taste and the cream needed more chocolate).

2. Billy’s Bakery: Vanilla Buttercream cupcake and Coconut cupcakes (both were too dry, brick-hard, obviously days old).

3. Crumbs Bakery: Red Velvet (the cake itself was lacking an obvious cocoa flavor, but overall it was a good cake; the cream cheese buttercream was also very well balanced). Oreo (surprisingly good chocolate cake, moist enough, and the buttercream was also sweet enough). Coconut (the coconut flavor was too light, but as a cake it was good overall). Strawberry Buttercream (I was surprised by this one, I was expecting an artificial strawberry flavor, but they use real strawberries in the cream and it’s very apparent, good choice). Vanilla Buttercream (the classic, can’t go wrong with this one). Sprinkles (same as Vanilla Buttercream, with sprinkles, but the one I had was a bit dry). Chocolate Buttercream (ehh, the cream was a bit too much for me, way too sweet, not enough chocolatey goodness).

4. Sugar Sweet Sunshine: Sunshine (yellow cake with vanilla buttercream, the cake is consistently good, but the cream is a bit too much, I usually take some off). The Bob (yellow cake with chocolate almond buttercream, I’m not a fan of that particular frosting). Sexy Red Velvet (the cake is good, it could use a bit more cocoa through; the cream, which they called “the Moose”, just tastes like whipped cream and butter, with the emphasis on butter). Pistachio (ohhhh, the cake is so good with a pleasant pistachio flavor, but they put “the Moose” for the frosting, I just scrap most of it off and simply eat the cake). Lemon Cake with Lemon Buttercream (the cake was alright, but the cream, whoa, Lemon overload, too, too much). Coconut (my favorite, but not usually made; again the coconut flavor is faint, but the addition of coconut slightly changes the cake’s texture, which reminds me of Dominican cake; the meringue frosting is just right).

5. Cheeks: I was a bit excited to discover that there’s a bakery around my way that sells cupcakes, although I am less than enthusiastic about these hipster spots popping up all over the place. I bought the vanilla and chocolate buttercream cupcakes…just ordinary cupcakes, nothing special.

6. Tribeca Treats: I had a cupcake attack due to my idiotic ex’s stupid stunt last week. I searched and I found this place by City Hall. I usually stick to the basics, especially if it’s my first time at a bakery, but I couldn’t refuse the Fluffernutter (yellow cake, with a layer of peanut butter, and marshmallow buttercream). A bit steep at $2.15 for three bites of cake, but I tried it anyway. The cake was good, the buttercream had that buttery feel to it and no marshmallow flavor. However, the peanut butter layer balanced it out a bit. It was OK, but too small for $2.15.

7. Starbucks: since I commented on it earlier, I might as well go into details. Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream (the cake was decent, moist enough, not too dense, the buttercream was nice and just sweet enough; however, the sugary decorations can be a bit much). Orange Cake with Orange Buttercream (the cake was alright, artificial orange flavor, but not too distracting; the orange cream was a bit weird, it had some sort of “sweating” look going on, as though it was separating a bit). Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream (it was a disappointment; I don’t remember the details, but I just remember throwing it out).

Those are just some of the places that I have been to. I am always in pursuit of the perfect cupcake. I haven’t attempted to do cupcakes from scratch, but eventually I will get to that 😉


~ by Luci-Kali on July 24, 2007.

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