Getting to Know Luci-Kali: Randomness and Obsessions, Part Deux

OK, so I said in the previous post that these autobiographic posts were only going to be posted up once in a while. However, I am drawing a slight blank in regards to topics, due to personal circumstances that right now are causing a temporary *blah* moment. Yet, I’m determined to make this blog a daily habit, so here is more random crap at random moments.

Random Crap at Random Moments #2: Insomnia

I suffer from insomnia. It’s currently 2:30am. My eyes are getting heavier as I type, but I refuse to go to bed for reasons beyond me. I blame it on the college days. I blame it on those days when my first class would be at 12:45pm (“so, why bother to wake up earlier,” I thought), or when those end-of-the-semester reports were due at 9am (I’m also the classic procrastinator).

Now, 2:30am seems early for me to face the ZZZs, 3am is nice and dandy. 3:30am is pushing it. Mind you, I wake up at the fortunate time of 8:30am, when most people are rushing out of their doors to get to work by 9am. But still, 5.5 hours of sleeps is never enough.

*And no, I am not a vegan.


~ by Luci-Kali on July 25, 2007.

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