The Purpose and Direction of This Blog is…

What exactly?

I briefly mentioned at work the other day that I have further involved myself in the blogsphere. My co-worker asked me, quickly summarizing, what’s the theme, what niche am I targeting with my blog?

This newbie blog has varying themes and topics going on already: feminism, reproductive rights issues, international news, pathetic ex drama, food, and random crap. So, what am I looking to fulfill, to accomplish with this blog? Perhaps a list in order, and look, one appears below!

1. I do not want to necessarily confine myself to one issue, since so many issues overlap and intersect.

2. However, I don’t want the blog to become a complete, chaotic mess, although some mess is sweet.

3. I want to perfect the art of online sarcasm, because most people just don’t get it and most people just don’t know how to do it.

4. I do want it reflect my perspectives.

5. I want it to be a reflection of who I am, as a Latina, queer, liberal, feminist, who’s family is part of the working-class (a family who has in addition experienced downward class mobility).

6. I am a complicated child with complicated thoughts. Complication is grand and it should be celebrated.


~ by Luci-Kali on July 31, 2007.

One Response to “The Purpose and Direction of This Blog is…”

  1. Lucikali
    Look forward to your scribbling!

    Like 3,5&6. Especially 3!
    Enjoy your experience.

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