How Stereotypically Butch Do I Look Right About Now? My First Ride…

I’m getting a motorcycle. Well, next year. And it will be a Harley-Davidson (HD) Sportster 883L.

I always have had a thing for motorcycles. Motorbikes and scooters are the main sources of transportation in my parents’ hometown in the Dominican Republic. Just knowing that I will be near one of those beauties motives me enough to pack my bags and head out there. I love the open air, the wind passing through my hair, the loud purr of the engine, and the risks and dangers of weaving and swerving in traffic.

I learned how to ride a bicycle a couple of years back for the sole reason that I eventually want to get a motorbike. With abrupt luck, a family friend was selling his grandkids’ mountain bikes; $50 was all it took. A week later, after much trial and error, I learned how to ride. I really have no interest in standard bikes; the bike is now there in the basement, collecting dust, since it’s only purpose was accomplished. Although I will make an effort to ride again; I’m pretty sure I’m somewhat rusty at this point.

I have been hesitate to get a Harley-Davidson, primarily for the cost of many of its models. Also, I’ve been a bit hesitate because of the overtly nationalistic views and stereotypes HD seems to portray (Midwest, Republican, mostly white male consumers with bad mustaches and beards). Hey, what can I say, I’m from Brooklyn. I’m still used to the Kawasaki Ninjas!

Initially, I was draw to Honda’s models, particularly the Shadow VLX. However, I admit I was partially suckered in because Harley-Davidson is making an effort to reach out to female consumers in a non-condescending way (read: not pink), and quite frankly I like it. They are tailoring their bikes, such as the 883 series for smaller individuals, such as myself (at 5’0 exactly), to acquire one of those powerful babies and not be pissed off by some specifications, such as the height of the seat. Damn these short legs!


~ by Luci-Kali on August 2, 2007.

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