New Obsession: Kat Von D and LA Ink

I’ve never seen Miami Ink. Although I heard that there was a female tattoo artist on the show, I wasn’t aware that she was a regular. I dismissed her addition as “oh, she must be eyecandy” because unfortunately that’s the way TV tends to work.

A few weeks ago, I was strolling through the Lower East Side, and I was immediately distracted by a huge advertisement on the side of a NYC bus. A beautiful raven-hair woman, her fashion style reminiscent of the 1940s pin-up girl era, a style that I so adore and wish to emulate sometimes. Curvaceous, where it’s obvious that, yes, the girl eats and enjoys it. And ohhh…she’s covered from head to toe in tattoos. That beautiful woman is Kat Von D, and the ad is advertising her new show, LA Ink.
(Kat Von D, center in white, and the cast of LA Ink)

Of course, I immediately had to google her. Her portfolio is amazing, her attitude is kickass. She has this raspy voice that’s so addictive. What’s more amazing is that she has been able to achieve so much in this predominantly-male field of work at only 25. And it’s very inspiring to know that she is a Latina, born in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, to Argentinean parents.

So, yes, this means I will be tuning in to LA Ink very religiously from now on.


~ by Luci-Kali on August 10, 2007.

One Response to “New Obsession: Kat Von D and LA Ink”

  1. Hi….where did you find Kat’s tattoo portfolio?



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