Double Standards My Ass!

Jessica over at is already writing up a second book (awesome!), this time looking at and analyzing double standards. If you have a vagina, then you know all too well how that process works (Man A can do this and it will be fine, but if Woman A does it, then she’s a *insert derogatory term here*). And not to say that men don’t face it as well (example, a woman can order a cosmopolitan, but if a man does, he must be gay). But, let face it, women are swimming in it, since the day they pop out of their mother. I know I have.

Jessica has asked Feministing readers what are the weirdest, most infuriating, or silliest double standards that they have encountered or heard. And I asked myself, “Jeebus, where the hell do I even begin???” So, here’s what I posted over at the post:

I think the weirdest childhood one I’ve heard was from my dad when I was about ten or so. I was whistling and he told me to stop, that girls shouldn’t whistle; that it’s not “ladylike.” Yeahhh, I sure wouldn’t want to look like his pervy old friends who whistle at every damn thing that moves.[/sarcasm]

A friend, who when he speaks, every other word out of his mouth is either sh*t, or a variation of fuck, had the nerve to tell me, that oh “it’s nasty when a girl curses” and that I need to fuckin’ stop.

The virgin/whore dichotomy is applied in this scenario: “sit with your legs closed/crossed, what you want people to think of you” (even though I’m wearing pants?!). Yet, these fuckers on the train occupy three seats because “well, they’re men, they need to let their boys breathe.” Yeahhh, they are just that BIG…my ass.

And my mother last week, in regards to the deteriorating tiles in the bathroom: “it’s a shame that neither you (my father) nor your son (who’s only 19 and never fixed a damn thing in the house, well in his life), the men of the house can’t fix the tiles.” Me: “umm, why can’t you fix it, or why don’t you ask me to fix it?” Mom: “that isn’t our job to do, women don’t do that.” …A few minutes later, after a short heated debate…Me: “you do realize that women work in carpentry and house remodeling, etc, right?” Mom: “well, they took a course for that.” Because apparently, male carpenters/plumbers/etc, never, ever had to acquire some sort of instruction. It’s just natural. (Mind you, I’m the one who has fixed/assembled 90% of the things in the house. The missing 10% accounts for the bathroom, including the crappy tile work)

I’m an amateur weightlifter. The general philosophy at the gym is “no pain, no gain.” As most of us know, pain is not pretty. I’ve had a few people comment on how I never smile, that I look too aggressive/angry when I lift. Ohhhhh yeahhh, try crackin’ a smile when you’re squatting with 175lbs on your back, running out of breath and your heartrate goes over 170 beats a minute. Yeah, try to crack a Colgate smile, dipsh*t.

Oh, and apparently sarcasm isn’t too desirable in a woman either.


~ by Luci-Kali on August 14, 2007.

One Response to “Double Standards My Ass!”

  1. Sounds like we have the same mom. As a kid I wanted to apply for a job at the marina, the only business within 10 miles of our house. “Oh isn’t that kind of a man’s place,” an attempt to discourage me.
    Or when my little toddler male second cousin insists on helping make the salad and do the dishes all the middle aged people in the house chime in “oh look he’s doing the woman’s work heeheehee.”
    So obnoxious.

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