Tom Ford’s Latest Fragrance and the Stupid Ads that Go Along With It

Via Feministing and Jezebel.


Tom Ford can go fuck himself. Seriously, what’s this man’s obsession with nude women reduced to mere body parts? The man’s fuckin’ gay for fuck sake! Be creative! If you’re known for your innovative fashion, create innovate ads! Not the standard bullshit of tits and an open “inviting” mouth. Oh, how about making ads that *gasp* actually address the product being advertised. What a freakin’ new concept!!!

But, yet again, why should I expect any better from a man who makes comments like this: “If sluttiness is what you like, what’s wrong with that? Why do we think being a slut’s bad? Sluttiness is just a lot of freedom.”


~ by Luci-Kali on August 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Tom Ford’s Latest Fragrance and the Stupid Ads that Go Along With It”

  1. Hi,

    Really I though that feminism was a bullshit, but I didn’t know how much!

    What a hell are you looking for with expresions like “what’s this man’s obsession with nude women reduced to mere body parts? The man’s fuckin’ gay for fuck sake! Be creative!”? -What you have against gays girl??!!

    Well, as a designer (and homosexual) for me it’s not right that a person (how I think is an editor) express herself in a way so straight in relation to a single campaign that is a little expression of a work full of nudity ads that includes men nudity too and what a hell!, he dares, he is preety creative, he knows his work and how to do it and as all great designers brings dignity to women body…

    This makes me feel that I have no choice in relation to be creative and I can not be free to express what is my vision in relation to sensuality, sex, the body, be male or female, gay or lesbian or else. So, I really would like to know what’s up about a campaign that shows two women preety suggesting, provocative and chic directed to the lesbian women…

    If you want to fight against something, please, fight against poverty, violence, human rights or pornography that insult women in a worst way than fashion…

    And for close, that kind of fetish that you do not like, could it be an expression of disgusting about the women role in the mind of the modern (and always) straight men? I think that is better to think a little the things that we say and have a long vision even if you want to upload your comment on the web…

    Loves, bye!

    Jonathan B.

    Hi Jonathan B.,
    No. 1: I’m queer, as stated in the “About Luci” section.

    No. 2: How is that ad bringing dignity to a woman’s body? Please do elaborate. Her obviously fake chest is just a “holder” for the cologne, nothing more, nothing less. You can’t see her face. Her skin looks like plastic; for f*ck sake, she obviously has no nipples. She’s pretty much a blow-up doll. Do not get me started on the other ad, where the cologne is resting in between her thighs…

    No. 3: “What’s up with a campaign that shows two women preety suggesting, provocative and chic directed to the lesbian women…” umm, the way that I usually have seen it, it tends to be directed towards men for the most part, no (beer ads, WWE Raw and PPVs, Girls Gone Wild, Howard Stern Show, Maxim, Playboy, etc)? I would kill to see hot sexy lesbo action directed to, hey, lesbians!!!

    No. 4: “If you want to fight against something, please, fight against poverty, violence, human rights or pornography that insult women in a worst way than fashion…” Well, that would consist of me using my bullshit feminist powers, huh? Wouldn’t that negate your first comment?

    No. 5: Again, referring to my other posts and about me section, I do concentrate on/work in/go to school to tackle other issues of inequality and injustice, especially within *gasps* feminism and *gasp* LGBT rights, which *gasps* go hand-in-hand with each other. If you were to look at my other posts, well then you wouldn’t have made that comment in the first place. And because there are more important issues to discuss, that means that I can’t speak about this? Does that make any sense to you?

    No. 6: What fetish that I don’t like? Being reduced to a body part is a fetish nowadays? I’m loaded with fetishes; I know a fetish when I see it.

    No Loves,

  2. Oh my gosh. This ad is so disgusting. It seems to suggest that by using this perfume you can use a woman like a blow-up doll, the direction of the bottle neck to the open mouth without a face… That’s so not bringing dignity to women and as uncreative as creative can be.
    This bottle (and then, the brand) will soon be a deal-breaker whenever a woman enters a man’s appartement.

  3. Jezebel, you are right, that Tom Ford is a chavinist gay antifeminist. If he weren’t gay, he probably were still chauvinist, but since he is gay it confuses me because he should at least aware of feminism and respect it in public. So thats why his sexual status of being gay is actually questionable. He causes damage where he wants to – he appears to be one of the “I’m proud to be a gay man so I can really hate the female”. Hate not by physical aggression but by orchestrated events where he is in charge of putting women into positions where he controls the perspective they are being looked at. Of course, he has “nothing against women in general”, but since the only possible way for him to portray the most “sensitive” part of the female body is to cover it with a perfume for men I can call him a fascist. Why? Because not only is that very “spot” a center of pleasure, but it is also the center of our existence: birth. Oh! And yeah, for peeing and hiding jolly. But by putting the flask right there, Tom Ford suggests that the “female” just gave birth to something that she wanted to give birth to: an object that the “male” counterpart will rub against his skin to attract the “female”. Confusing? So Tom Ford reduces a human being with a female body to breasts, vagina, and a head with just an open mouth. Like that, the human being has no recognizable face left, no identity, so it is reduced to an object. He puts another object in front of the sexual center of that “humanoid object”, to promote the object to attract MEN. What object? The object is Tom Ford promotion of male chauvinist sexism. He is institutionalizing chauvinism on a new level. But one might suggest that the body on the poster ain’t dead, so the female is still alive and enjoying life! No, it is dead, it has no head, and no future, SHE IS DEAD, and Tom Ford promotes just that – he is playing with the idea that the vagina’s purpose is to attract men to be fucked by. And his perfume is the key to be able to do so. If Tom Ford were a political gay he would use his acting talents (oh well, he never made it in Hollywood…) to position a naked male body behind a flask, since it is a perfume for men to attract women. Since most of his customers are heterosexual men which would not understand e fully erected member on a billboard promoting perfume he’d loose their support and his precious little business. So for his customers he is less gay and more heterosexual-sexual. Yet his gayness is still good enough reason for the heterosexual male to buy Ford’s products. He dances to every song the market plays – which is not creative, just plain opportunism. He is so full of himself that he has to make it look like that is something special, but it isn’t. Tom Ford is just another nobody with enough friends to put him onto the boards and into the magazines. I do believe that his penis would definitely fit behind that little flask, and I do believe that the flask actually represents Tom Fords Penis. Not his real penis, but the mental one. By Tom Ford standards it is an object that men give their women to cover up their vagina’s. And they do not get closer to the woman than that, which coincidentally is their and Tom Fords story: a tale of a man who’s very close, but not really inside – the little boy who will always remain on the outside.

    I checked Tom Fords website and looked at the flash movie. I extracted the images from it and put it into a zip-file for you to download and look at. If you want to put them up please feel free, those images show the true nature of Tom Fords campaign: 1.) Women have no head 2.) Women are ready to give head 3.) You are one flask away from being inside her.

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