Smackdown of a Right-Wing Nut

Right-wing nut in question: Phyllis Schlafly

Why she is a right-wing nut: she is an anti-feminist…anti-everyone, except of course, if they are: white, Christian, conservative and of the upper class. She is perhaps the most vocal opponent of the Equal Rights Amendment, both the 1970s version and the one that is currently on the Senate and House floor. She is founder of the Eagle Forum, an anti-choice, anti-United Nations, anti-international law, anti-gay, anti-vaccination, anti-…well, you get the idea.

Blogger Evil Bender got a hold of her latest bullshit commentary titled “Advice to College Students: Don’t Major in English.” As Evil Bender shows, she should have gotten an editor to check her work before submission. Quite a fun read!


~ by Luci-Kali on October 5, 2007.

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