You Knows What’s Uber-annoying: Google Search

Initially, my beef with Google was that when one would put a “gender” pronoun along with a verb, such as “he cooked” or “she invented,” it would in return ask if I was looking for “he looked or he invented”, instead. They seem to have fixed that stupid little glitch (I don’t care if it was based on a dumbass formula, when I mean “he cooked,” I mean “HE COOKED.” I know how to catch my own errors).

Now, the problem is the following kind of scenario: yesterday, I was searching for a review on a particular dress, called the “Greta Dress,” to see what others had to say about its wearability, texture, among other factors. When I google the “Greta dress,” Google throws at me results with the phrase Great dress.” I didn’t ask for a “Great Dress,” I specifically asked for a “Greta Dress.” Google search does this with every search I perform. I typed in “she looks;” results include multiple tenses of “look” (look, looked, looking). I didn’t ask for multiple tenses. I just want that one tense!

And the bloody thing doesn’t even allow one to disable this nuance in the search!


~ by Luci-Kali on October 9, 2007.

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