A Note of Reassurance to Myself

I’ve been feeling like shit as of lately. So, to pick me up I wrote a note of reassurance to myself.

I’m vocal about my beliefs, I’m vocal about what I object. If you know me, I haven’t compromised much.

I never apologize for the every other curse word that comes shooting out of my mouth. I never apologize for starting up the “taboo” debates that makes you uncomfortable. I never apologize for winning them either.

I don’t apologize for not liking pink, for not wanting kids, for being stronger than you, for not giving in to the “slim is beautiful” nonsense, for wanting a Harley, for wanting to pay for my dinner, for wanting to pay for your dinner, for liking my tequila straight up, for drinking more than you and still be good to go, for being militant, for having an iron fist, for my beautiful strong name that demands power and respect, for believing that marriage is a bullshit theory that needs to be tortured and killed slowly with every imaginable weapon, tool and concept possible.

If you’ve seen me, you know that I’m a genderfuck: one minute I look like a pin-up girl, the next minute I look like the baby butch your mother warned you about. I flip the script everytime, much to the dismay of wandering eyes. And I feel sexy about it everytime, unappreciated everytime. You don’t know what you’re missing.

I don’t hide my sexuality, my sexual desires, my sexual frustrations for anyone. If you get caught in the crossfire, you better well damn enjoy it. And I don’t appreciate those who are closet cases, scared about sex, scared about women who are aggressive, homophobes, low whisperers, naysayers. A bunch of sad, pathetic fucks these people always turn out to be.

If you’re around me, you better open the fuck up or leave the room. You will only, ONLY, get those two options, no exceptions. You’ve been forewarned.


~ by Luci-Kali on October 10, 2007.

One Response to “A Note of Reassurance to Myself”

  1. this world needs more people like yourself 🙂

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