Brownfemipower, Adonde Te Fuiste?

It seems that one of my favorite bloggers has deleted the majority of her blog, again. And I’m left heartbroken, again.

I’ve never commented on her blog. I’m not one to usually get involved in a conversation, unless I just must or if there is rampant stupidity going back and forth. I’ve never needed to on her site; I just nod along with pretty much what she said. She always said what wasn’t say by many, or what wasn’t understood by many: that all intertwines and everything connects. One would be a fool to attempt to separate and analyze from solely one perspective without taking into consideration all perspectives that molds the situation, the place, the person.

Although I suspect what has happened, I prefer not to go not to go into detail. However, I wonder if her recent posts on the symbolism and significance of death was foreshadowing this and other changes. Again, I can’t be too sure.

However, if you read this, Brownfemipower, in my little cyber way: I love you, come back!


~ by Luci-Kali on April 10, 2008.

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