Feminist/Mujerista/Reproductive Justice Publications and Organizations Looking for Submissions/Applicants

The following publications and organizations are accepting submissions and applications for upcoming issues and projects:

Chica Luna is accepting applications for their F-Word Project. The F-Word Project is a “multimedia justice project for young women of color 18 years of age and over. The F-Word is a program whose objective is to build the next cadre of socially conscious media makers by recruiting a number of young women of color of diverse racial, sexual, economic and linguistic identities, throughout the five boroughs to cultivate their perspectives as media activists. For 18 months participants take part in weekly workshops on media literacy, filmmaking, organizing & advocacy skills and self-healing.” The last day to apply is May 15th!

Feminism for Freaks – is a new anthology project, and there is a Call for Papers. The requested information is as follows: “Academic, non-fiction and creative work will be considered–the call is broad, and we’re willing to accommodate new and interesting work by freaks of all kinds. Please submit abstracts of up to 250 words and a short bio by May 31st to estrangedcognition[AT]hotmail[DOT]com and suzanmanuel[AT]gmail[DOT]com.”

Hermana Resist has extended their submissions deadline until May 15th. They also have ad space available. Hermana Resist is described as a “personal, political zine with literary tendencies which manifest in forms of poetry, free verse, haiku, short stories, journal entries, rants, raves, critiques, commentaries, photos, recipes and dreamy manifestos.”

SisterSong is coming out with a Reproductive Justice Anthology! SisterSong seeks to address and accomplish the following: “The struggle for Reproductive Justice and the well-being for women of color, young women, LGBTQQI individuals, women of the diaspora, poor women, and women with a range of abilities is a multi-varied issue/engagement.We would like to address the multiplicity and the polyvocality of this struggle by bringing together works from across our movements produced by women and individuals working in communities as well as at the academic level in order to birth this anthology. All contributions are sincerely welcomed and would greatly add to the understanding of the complexity faced by communities and as individuals.” The deadline for submissions is June 1st!

Update, Another Project:
Think Girl is starting a new project called “I Was There, Stories from the Feminist Front.” Think Girl is looking for “women of all ages, races and backgrounds to submit stories of their work as activists for women’s issues. (Think: A Radical Chicken Soup for the Feminist Soul.) These first person stories of strength, perseverance and courage will serve as inspiration to women and girls as they continue their work in or enter the movement.” Stories will be published weekly at their website and they are looking to collect and publish the stories as well.

Detailed information is located at the respective organization’s website.


~ by Luci-Kali on May 5, 2008.

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