Ahhhhh So Behind! (Presidential Election Edition)

I have a swarm of blog posts written out. Don’t know where to start!

Ahh, here’s one:

The damn primaries are over! Finally, someone’s the Democratic candidate for President of the US!

Yes, I know, I’m very late. But at least this fragment is over. Now it all comes down to Obama picking a vice president… and also five months of ad campaigns coming in from the Republican camp; more months of people yelling “he iz a Muslim, his name iz Hussein; Osama, oops, I mean Obama; he went to a Muslim, a.k.a terrorist, school in some country over there, with brown people in it;” maybe more mentions of Rev. Wright; maybe someone else will appear who is too “radical” for people’s sensitive taste; many doses of “he’s acting too white” and/or “he’s acting too hood”; and increased attacks on Michelle Obama (I will get to Michelle Obama in a separate post later on)…it’s going to be a long five months.

Well, it’s Friday, some humor is required. Here’s a summary of President George W. Bush’s major “accomplishments” and “highlights,” as only can be effectively demonstrated by Dave Chappelle:

President Black Bush


~ by Luci-Kali on June 6, 2008.

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