In Memory of Mildred Beaubrun…

There are those who catcalling/street harassment is simply harmless, that women need to get over it, that women should just ignore it, that women actually want it, that women bring it on to themselves, that there are bigger things to worry about, that catcalling are actually compliments, that it leads to nothing.

But then you have Mildred Beaubrun, who was shot after a male, in a vehicle with other males, fired at the SUV she was in because she and the other women did not respond “favorably” to their stupidity. The women did not response to their advances, to their attention. First, the males responded by throwing objects at their car, then they attempted to drive them off the road when the women left the gas station. And then, the shot went off.

Mildred’s 19th birthday was last week. Mildred was suppose to graduate from high school this month. Mildred was suppose to continue on with her education and become a nurse.

And now? Mildred is gone, Mildred is dead. Why? Because these males do not know the meaning of “no,” the meaning of respect towards others, the meaning of being a man.

People would go on to say “but, this is a rare occurrence.” A shooting, yes, but violence, whether a woman comments backs, fights back, or simply ignores them, is not.

This is a highly fucked up society, where idiots feel entitled to say fucked up things to random women on the street, feel entitled to a response, and feel entitled to react if things do not go their way.

My sincerest and deepest condolences for Mildred’s family and loved ones.


~ by Luci-Kali on June 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “In Memory of Mildred Beaubrun…”

  1. Hi –
    This is extremely disturbing news. It’s not the first incident I’ve heard about where a woman got shot for refusing the advances of a man on the street either. Absolutely horrendous.
    I wrote my master’s thesis on street harassment last year. A small part of my research recently got recognized in a CNN article ( as a result of the comments and blog entries that it spurred, I created my own anti-street harassment website about 2 weeks ago. It’s still a work in progress, but there are a lot of resources, interviews with anti-street harassment activists, suggested strategies for dealing with street harassment, some “soundbytes” from my research, and a companion blog where people can share their stories. I’m just now trying to get the word out and a google search led me to this entry on your blog, so I’m sharing!

  2. Hi Holly,
    Thanks for stopping by! I actually saw your research on CNN and, unfortunately, the crap that people were saying, downplaying the impact that catcalling and street harassment has on women.

    Thanks for the link!

  3. It’s ridiculous the things women have to go through or deal with. When you ignore a man they think you’re stuck up but you give them attention then that makes you easy. So how could we ever win. I a current graduating senior in high school and Mildred Beaubrun was my friend, and it’s hard still today to grasp the fact that she’s gone and its been a entire year since her shooting. Because of these men stupidity and selfishness i will never see her again and thats a very hard thing for me to deal with, she was such a fun and happy person, she was nice to everyone and i just miss and lover her with all my heart.

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