Belly Dancing Video of the Week: Natacha Atlas’ Leysh Nat’arak

I’m taking up belly dancing classes. But this course has a twist to it. It’s gothic belly dancing.

Every Sunday, I will add on a music video that gets me hyped for my Sunday classes (along with English translations or summaries, if available, if needed).

This week’s video is Natacha Atlas‘ Leysh Nat’arak from her first solo album, Diaspora.

Leysh Nat’arak (words from her album, Diaspora)
Crossing borders in the desert heat
The stories in the rocks and stones
Signatures of time written on every face
The syncopated heartbeat of Arab and Jew
A song that keeps saying remember
If you are cousins why are fighting?
Listen to your hearts and the truth
Will be clear
It’s written on your bones


~ by Luci-Kali on June 15, 2008.

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