Smells Like a New Obsession: Vinyl Toys

For years, literally, I have been going into Forbidden Planet and I would just stand there and look at their sporadic Qee collection and other vinyl toys. Qee is a collection of vinyl toys from Toy2R in Japan. Today, after a staff retreat located not too far off from Union Square, I decided to stop by Forbidden Planet, like I always do when I’m in the area.

I don’t know exactly why I never bought a vinyl figure. Perhaps it’s the space issue. If I were to start buying these things, where exactly would I put them? Perhaps it is the price tag. Some of these limited edition toys can get pretty expensive.

But today I said “Fuck it, I’m buying one.” I bought my first Qee, a DIY Qee:

Except mine is all black. The purpose of the DIY is just as the acronym explains, that you design your own Qee. However, I am keeping mines clean. I love its aesthetic simplicity.

As soon as I arrived home, I spent some time looking through various collections. Already I have my eyes set on buying more toys. I consider myself to be a rather morbid individual, so it would of no surprise that I fell in love with Gloomy Bear. To summarize, Gloomy Bear is a cute pink bear who violently attacks and devours humans. How splendid!

After more searching, I stumbled across another interesting piece that I just had to find. A highly limited collection toy, I went through about ten websites, including one from UK, looking for this one specific toy. Pretty much all of the sites had sold out, one had it for about $200 (!!!), and the UK vendor is just too expensive with the shipping costs. Yet, I was persistent. On my next try, I did it. I found a site that had it in stock. It was an indication to me that I had to buy it immediately, and immediately I did. Come on, look at her! How couldn’t I buy her?

Her name is Mei Mei, from James Liu’s collection, House of Liu. This fierce little toy will be the guardian and protector of my workdesk (actually, my work place would not be a bad idea to store some of these toys. Hooray, problem temporarily solved!)


~ by Luci-Kali on August 19, 2008.

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