A Short Rant on My Frustration with Social Networking Sites

Below is just a re-post of a journal entry at a nameless dating/social networking website that I’m at. I feel that it’s a small part in a long-train of thought that I have with social networking sites in general (particularly MySpace).

I have repeatedly made the effort to format my social networking profiles in a way that properly illustrates who I am. In the same breathe, I’ve also made the effort to be straight-forward as possible (a.k.a. filtering out those I don’t want contacting me). Yet, this tactic seems not to work, as people obviously bypass reading the profile’s content and head for pictures. As I get messages that prove this assumption, I think to myself:

“OK, you’re contacting on the basis of my pictures (I’m not hot shit, I know). Don’t you see that looking at the content of your profile and my profile, we have absolutely jackshit in common? Why do you send me messages solely with ‘HEY MA, UR SEXY’? Umm, really, how do you want me to respond to that? Thanks? No, it’s tacky. Besides, any response on my end implies that I would want to hear back from you, which is the last thing I would want to occur. So, again, no, fuck no. Why won’t people take the time to read, in order for them to realize that I will probably turn them off? Seriously, the realization will probably occur in one paragraph’s worth of reading! Please do it!”

I know, naivety is at play here.

(Said post at nameless dating/social networking site)
I received a message the other day from an individual stating “Rules. You have a lot of them.” My immediate reaction: O_o

I’ve recently made my profile as straight forward as possible in terms of what I want and what I don’t want, mainly in what I don’t want. Nameless site has evolved to a point where it’s not solely a dating site anymore, but also an informal place for others to exchange thoughts, meet people who have comparable interests, among other non-dating activities. Hence my decision to keep my profile active.

Continuing on with the opening paragraph, it’s a very naive thought to assume that all will get along regardless of one’s background or habits. (No, we can’t just all get along; biggest bullshit story ever.) As I become older (because I’m just so fuckin’ old, right? Right.), I become more stubborn. I had a brief, yet interesting conversation with another person who’s on this site over my stubbornness to branch out to other people who do not share my main interests. I understood why the person wanted to engage with others not from our predominant scene (Goth scene) as it is a very small community. Yet, I’m at a point in my life where I’m starting to solidify my identity as well as my public persona. I would like to meet others who I would be able to bond with and learn from, not just to bullshit on a social networking website. We all know this saying: time is a luxury.

I also made my profile straight forward in order not to waste other people’s time. For instance, my political bent (particularly on specific social issues) might be a bit much for others; others’ apathy or opposition to said political issues is pretty much guaranteed to be a buzzkill. So there would be no point in me interacting with others who will clash with my points of view, nor will contribute to it, and vice versa.

My other reaction was “what rules?” Is this individual referring to the last part of my profile, where I specifically say that I don’t want bigots, bullshitters, whores, or hipsters contacting me? Are meeting those requirements a challenge these days? Has the condition of humanity degraded that much? I’m cynical as fuck, but I do anticipate an attainable level of honesty, credibility and respect.


~ by Luci-Kali on December 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “A Short Rant on My Frustration with Social Networking Sites”

  1. i believe this is called the Guido-effect, which making more and more people go out tanning, hair gel abuse, and the over use of the word Yo. in order to stop we must do the following. A. not allow users from the island to use myspace, kind of a block for minors only for the whole town of Staten island. b. just bomb the mother fucker, will you miss them? i sure won’t. c. license to breed.

  2. im totally with you on that madame i have tons of people adding me and from that only a few that i can call friends,people are intrigued with sex and fame

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