What a Day, Oh What a Day

I woke up, slept perhaps three hours. Before I went to bed, I drank a glass of wine. I repeat, one glass of wine. I feel as though I had five. So, I feel and look like crap. Due to my persisting emo state (please see the previous two posts), I really don’t care that I feel and look like crap.

However, I realize now that I should really change that outlook, just a bit.

As I type this, there’s a major TV station/network affiliate, whatever, in the office. A totally short notice thing (seriously, I never even heard the doorbell ring), my supervisors come to the back and say to us three that the cameraman is going to just film us working, so act natural. In my silly little head, I thought that he was just going to do a quick observation of the back office, swing the camera around for a millisecond and leave. Ohhh, how wrong I was.

The cameraman focused on each of us, and I do mean focused. He focused, viewed and highlighted. Of course, I look like crap: hair’s dirty, my face is peeling due to a glycolic acid peel that was left on too long and excessive crying, I have minimum makeup on, and my eyes are puffy and dry.

I’m pretty sure he also zoomed in on my vinyl toys, corkboard with I Can Has Cheezburger printouts, political cartoons, and silly Obama buttons, a Powerpuff Girls poster on the wall, and BOB the Rat (a plastic black rat from Halloween 2007) chilling on my bookcase. So, my hot mess ass could air at 6 or 11pm, or both, on Channel (incoherent blabber).

Yeahhhh, fan-bloody-tastic day we are having, fan-bloody-tastic! Can ah has drink nao?


~ by Luci-Kali on January 5, 2009.

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