So Jordin Sparks Thinks I’m a Slut

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Jordin Sparks at yesterday’s MTV’s Video Music Awards: “I just wanna say, it’s not bad to wear a promise ring because not every guy and a girl wants to be a slut, OK?”

Yeah, this slut is appalled. This slut is more appalled because this slut knows that Abstinence-Only “Sex” Education is an absolute failure. But anyway…



Forward Widely: INCITE! Needs Your Help!

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Many blogs have posted the information below, please help if you can!

Dear INCITE! friends and supporters,

On the eve of the 3 year anniversary of the devastation wrought by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and subsequent government criminal negligence and assaults on the low income people of color on the Gulf Coast, our sisters from INCITE! projects in New Orleans (including the local chapter, the Women’s Health and Justice Initiative, and the New Orleans Women’s Health Clinic) are bracing for the potential landfall of Hurricane Gustav, which is currently projected to hit the Louisiana coast on Monday or Tuesday at a category 4 or 5. Voluntary evacuation of New Orleans has already begun, and mandatory evacuation could be declared as early as today. INCITE! organizers in New Orleans have made over 700 phone calls to women of color and their families that make up the constituency of the New Orleans Women’s Health Clinic, working to prepare and implement evacuation and safety plans.

Your assistance is urgently needed to help the low-income women of color and their families evacuate safely if need be, stay safe for the duration of the evacuation, and return to the city as soon as possible so as not to fall prey to the pushout that has kept so many folks from being able to return to New Orleans since Katrina. Local organizers are using whatever resources and funds at their disposal to help women and their families evacuate, bond people being held in Orleans Parish Prison out, and support those who make the choice to stay in whatever way they can.

Your support is urgently needed: financial donations of any size are needed and would be greatly appreciated.

Donations online are preferred because we can more quickly send the funds to our folks in New Orleans.

You can send your donation to INCITE online by going to this website:
Click the Donation button, put New Orleans in the “Purpose” line, or you can write a check directly to WHJI and send it to:

PO Box 51325
New Orleans , LA 70151

This money will go directly to supporting the hundreds of low income women of color that are the constituency of the New Orleans Women’s Health Clinic.

Once again, the particular vulnerability of low-income women of color and single female-headed households (including folks with disabilities, seniors, undocumented immigrant women, and incarcerated women) has been erased in the face of disaster and overlooked in the days leading up to the storm. With few resources, facing challenges and concerns for their families of their own, INCITE! New Orleans and WHJI have stepped in to fill the gap. Please send all your support, solidarity, sisterhood and strength their way, and join us in hoping for the safety and well-bein g of the people who are already suffering from Gustav in Cuba , Jamaica , and Haiti , and willing the storm to subside or veer off safely before it strikes the Gulf Coast .

We will keep you posted as things develop.


Who Are You?

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Renegade Evolution (or just Ren), guest blogging over at Feministe, asked readers “Who are you?”

When people ask you that question, how do you reply? When you are asked to write a self-bio, or someone does one for you, what is your identity? What words do you use to describe yourself? You are often only offered a few in order to give the world a glimpse of the vast, huge, complex thing you are. Who are you? What do you say?

Initially, I just had nine things written out, but then it evolved to 18. There are many excluded from the list, but these were the ones I was feeling the most at that particular moment. Below is my list in no particular order (which I had entered as a comment on her post):

1. Queer Latina, who gets mistaken for a little bit of everything.
2. Short, 5′0.”
3. Slightly struggling between the terms of “feminist” and “mujerista.”
4. My current job title is, in the broadest terms, Fundraiser for Mujerista-Centric Purposes. So I guess Mujerista it is!
4. Quarterlife crisis sufferer.
5. Cynic, acidic, sarcastic, borderline misanthrope. No tolerance for bigotry (not in the “please don’t say that because X is wrong,” way, but in the “Yo! STFU, before I beat your ass up” way. Seriously, I’m tired of having to explain why X is wrong.)
6. Fiercely anti-hipster.
7. Moderately militant.
8. Constant worrier about my financial health/wealth as my parents get closer to retirement age and it seems that I’m going to be a/the primary source of their income (they have no retirement plans; no substantial savings; debt; their pensions look miserable; Social Security in ten years? Their home country’s stability in ten years? My dad’s current gameplan: winning the lotto. Yeah, it’s pretty bad.)
9. Thus, constant worrier about my future career plans and current education plans, but…
10. I’m the classic procrastinator.
11. Weightlifter who enjoys both the health benefits and vanity aspects, in the sense that it garners attention (although the physical improvements are definitely a plus).
12. Aspiring belly dancer.
13. Reemerging goth, much to the horror of my parents (although this mentality is found almost everywhere, the goth subculture is viewed pretty much as a anti-Christian, Satanist movement in their home country).
14. A gamer, much to the annoyance of my parents (apparently I’m too old and there’s the issue of that pesky vagina that I walk around with).
15. Picky as hell (I can’t help it. My ideal partner has already been fabricated in my mind! That’s the person that I want!)
16. Anti-relationship, yet lonely (I admit it, I admit it!).
17. Toph (Avatar: the Last Airbender) is pretty much me in cartoon form, except that I’m not from a financially-privileged background, I’m not nomadic, I’m able-bodied (she’s blind, yet able to “see” through the vibrations she feels in the earth), and I’m double her age. But shit, everything else is pretty much dead on!
18…as demonstrated in No. 17, I’m Avatar-obsessed, and I’m unwilling to accept the fact that the show has ended. Everyone knows this about me…maybe this should have been No. 1.

Belly Dancing Video of the Week: Depeche Mode’s “It’s No Good”

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So, it’s not the typical belly dancing music, lacking the basic elements and characteristics found in most tracks. However, I find that it very suitable for warming up. Plus, I just LOVE Depeche Mode.

Thinking Out Loud: Exotic

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When someone says “you’re exotic to me,” what is their reference point? A papaya?

I despise papayas, unless it’s blended into a smoothie.

Smells Like a New Obsession: Vinyl Toys

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For years, literally, I have been going into Forbidden Planet and I would just stand there and look at their sporadic Qee collection and other vinyl toys. Qee is a collection of vinyl toys from Toy2R in Japan. Today, after a staff retreat located not too far off from Union Square, I decided to stop by Forbidden Planet, like I always do when I’m in the area.

I don’t know exactly why I never bought a vinyl figure. Perhaps it’s the space issue. If I were to start buying these things, where exactly would I put them? Perhaps it is the price tag. Some of these limited edition toys can get pretty expensive.

But today I said “Fuck it, I’m buying one.” I bought my first Qee, a DIY Qee: Continue reading ‘Smells Like a New Obsession: Vinyl Toys’

Question for Yahoo!

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She's her kid's mom, not yours.

Is Dara Torres your mom? … No, right?

Pregnancy, giving birth and the consequential events after that does not cause some sort of permanent disability. Women have been popping out children for millenniums and guess what, they go back to doing the same shit that they were doing before. Also, she isn’t the only parent in the freakin’ Olympics! So stop it!